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Global Boycott P&G Day

Protesters in Sheffield, 2003Uncaged Campaigns and In Defense of Animals (USA) have waged a vociferous and unrelenting campaign against Procter & Gamble over the last ten years for it's animal testing policies.

The core message of the Global P&G campaign is:

"If you buy Procter & Gamble products, you are actively supporting and sustaining animal testing."

Just some of the tests P&G have been involved with in the past include: skin irritancy tests for Oil of Ulay (now Olay); tests on monkeys for tampons; and horrific research conducted at notorious animal-testing laboratory, Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), on a group of 48 monkeys for a nasal decongestant already in use by human volunteers.

Handing in petitions, 2001P&G continue to test on animals for new household cleaning and cosmetic products and for new chemical ingredients. The tests they continue to conduct for cosmetic products and ingredients have been effectively banned in the UK for several years, and European Union Ministers voted last year to ban them too!

In late 2002 an internal P&G memo, leaked to the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) and exposed in the Independent (04.11.2002), revealed how P&G had been actively and aggressively exerting pressure on European Union decision makers to seriously weaken proposals for a EU cosmetics animal testing ban. Follow these links for the full Independent article and editorial piece. See also the BUAV website.

Global Boycott P&G Day 9 took place on (or around) Saturday 21st May 2005. Over 120 Boycott P&G actions take place across the world - from Auckland to Aberdeen. Click here for the report and photos.

Photo from the Global Boycott Day 2004There were actions across the globe, including 90 in Britain alone - from the North of Scotland to the South West corner of Cornwall.

There was also very good media coverage of the many protests at P&G sites and supermarkets, town-centre and summer fayre campaign stalls, and of the day in general - thereby spreading the Boycott P&G and 'cruelty-free' message to hundreds of thousands of consumers.

Global Boycott Procter & Gamble Day 10 will be on Saturday 20th May 2006 - please mark the date in your diary!

P&G, one of the world's largest consumer product companies, have been branded the "world's worst" corporation for their continued poisoning and killing of animals in the development of new cosmetics and toiletries. The company has also secretly lobbied Governments to try to frustrate the public's demands for an end to such cruelty.

Unfortunately, P&G systematically puts profits above ethics, so our reasoned appeals to their better nature have fallen on deaf ears. The only language they understand is expressed by the $ sign. That's why the consumer boycott campaign is so crucial.

Demonstrating at the cat shows, 2001In 2001 we exposed details of cruel and lethal animal experiments used to develop the IAMS/Eukanuba brand of 'pet' foods (which is owned by Procter & Gamble).

This resulted in a front-page exposé in a national UK newspaper (The Sunday Express, 27th May 2001), and continued bad publicity for IAMS and P&G in the press and at major events like national cat and dog shows since then.

In March 2003 IAMS were exposed again by US group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to be keeping animals in atrocious laboratory conditions, still conducting invasive and harmful tests and killing animals - despite their so-called 'research policy' that they claimed meant they had would no-longer undertake such research (see www.iamscruelty.com).

IAMS and P&G are under intense, and increasing, pressure globally over their animal testing and attempts to 'spin' their way out of it. Hundreds of organisations and individuals are boycotting IAMS/Eukanuba - and have told them why. This is the perfect time to use their increased advertising presence to raise awareness of the cruel practices of IAMS and their parent company, Procter & Gamble.

The P&G action section includes a DIY pamphlet for you to print from the comfort of your own computer. Let's show Procter & Gamble that we mean business!

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Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.