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Latest (26.01.12): East Yorkshire Beagle Factory Farm proposal is turned down by Minister


What did they ever do to deserve this?
P&G have killed over 1500 mother and new-born baby rats to re-test a common cosmetics ingredient
Almost 6,000 painful and lethal experiments were conducted on dogs last year in Britain. They have chemicals dripped into their eyes or force-fed via tubes into their stomachs. They’re restrained for hours at a time while test chemicals are pumped directly into their bloodstream. They’re even strapped down and forced to inhale noxious gases. These chemicals could be drugs, they could be refrigerants, pesticides or industrial chemicals

Some companies still use rabbits to test the eye irritancy of cosmetics chemicals
As the toxins inexorably build up in their bodies, the dogs get sicker and sicker. They vomit and suffer diarrhoea as their organs begin to fail and their blood becomes poisoned. Eventually, some will have fits and seizures.

Slowly they succumb to paralysis. Instead of being put out of their misery, researchers often ignore regulations and let the animals endure the most painful, lingering death imaginable.

In more than three quarters of the tests, the dogs were not even given any anaesthetic to ease their suffering. What did they ever do to deserve this?










Minister takes over decision on beagle factory farm

Uncaged is worried that the decision over the planning application for the proposed beagle factory farm in East Yorkshire will now be taken by the Minister for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles MP. The Planning Inspector will prepare a report on the application for the Minister.

Uncaged recently discovered that the proposed beagle factory farm in East Yorkshire will break international animal welfare law and called on the Planning Inspectorate to reject the appeal by the breeding company Marshall Biosciences against refusal of their planning application by East Riding of Yorkshire Council. The company have stated they would prevent dogs from enjoying access to outside space, which is a breach of new European Directive on the use of animals in experiments.

It is hard to tell how the move by the Minister to takeover the decision-making process will affect the outcome. However, Uncaged Campaigns Director Dr Dan Lyons is concerned:

'The general thrust of current Government policy is to prioritise the commercial interests of business over the public interest and wider ethical concerns. Indeed, this particular Minister has already provoked enormous controversy over his intention to weaken planning protection for the countryside for the sake of developers.

I am therefore worried that the Government's real intention is to ensure this beagle farm gets the go-ahead regardless of the illegal cruelty inherent in the plans and the road safety issues the prompted the original refusal.'

Planners must by law take into account other legislation when making decisions. Therefore, these potential breaches of welfare laws should provide compelling grounds for the plans to be rejected. Furthermore, the complete incarceration of the dogs should also mean that the establishment would be refused a Certificate to operate by the Home Secretary.

Section B, paragraph 4 of Annex III 'Requirements for establishments and for the care and accommodation of animals' to the EUROPEAN DIRECTIVE 2010/63/EU ON THE PROTECTION OF ANIMALS USED FOR SCIENTIFIC PURPOSES states: 'Dogs shall where possible provided with outside runs'. This provision has been stipulated following a lengthy, international scientific consultation process and is required to help meet the animals' welfare needs. The UK Government is in the process of transposing this Directive.

However, the application states that dogs will not have access to the outside, in order to prevent noise and odour pollution:

"This redevelopment provides all of the animal housing, including the exercise areas, entirely inside the buildings (i.e. no outside exercise areas)."

In determining the original application, the local council overlooked this consideration, rejecting it on highways safety grounds instead.

The deadline for submissions to the planning appeal expired on 5 September 2011, and we are now (8 September) awaiting the Planning Inspector's decision.



  • Please write to your MP to ask them to put pressure on the Home Secretary and the Communities Minister to block the proposed beagle farm. Click here for a sample letter. You can find out who your MP is here.

  • Please write directly to Eric Pickles to ask him to turn down the appeal – click here for a sample letter. You can contact him via eric.pickles@communities.gsi.gov.uk or The Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Department for Communities and Local Government, Eland House, Bressenden Place, London SW1E 5DU

  • Please make an urgent donation now so Uncaged can fight for justice for these gentle, trusting and intelligent creatures.


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Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.