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International Animal Rights Day

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The IARD 2007 Candlelit Procession
The big screen showing our video
Benjamin Zephaniah on the giant TV

May the Force be with us!

"I am fully supporting the march on Sunday 9 December in London to bring the day closer when animals will no longer be 'used' in research of any kind. It is time. It is time for a full re-evaluation of our role on this planet.

"As a scientist, there is no proof available that we are more important than the rest of the sentient creatures on this planet. As a human being ... in my heart, I know that the terrible indignities and pain suffered by these pitiful animals are unjustifiable in humanitarian terms."

- Queen guitarist and Dr. of astrophysics, Brian May, on his website.

The Candlelit Procession

'Magnificent' Procession Energises Animal Rights Cause

Uncaged's Candlelit Procession for Animal Rights on Sunday 9 December has been hailed a 'magnificent' success. With its positive emphasis, this unique demonstration in central London has inspired new activists and greater global co-operation in support of the animal rights cause. The Procession was the centrepiece of the 10th annual International Animal Rights Day (IARD), which is spearheaded by Uncaged.

On the morning of the event, Uncaged's Dr Dan Lyons reached tens of thousands of people through an excellent, live in-depth interview about our campaign for animal rights on BBC London. Despite the December wind and rain, 400-500 compassionate souls gathered that afternoon to demonstrate their commitment to defend animals from abuse.

Before the Procession set off from Lincoln's Inn Fields, Dr Derek Wall, Principal Speaker for the Green Party, and Dan Lyons gave rousing speeches. The uplifting atmosphere was enhanced by special messages of solidarity from international groups and poet/writer Benjamin Zephaniah broadcast on a giant TV screen that Uncaged had commissioned for the day.

The amazing impact of the event was seen through the attendance of so many first-time demonstrators and foreign campaigners. As the candlelit procession wound its way through the busy West End streets, the giant TV screen showed a powerful and thought-provoking video about animal abuse and the need for animal rights. The awe-struck reaction of the London crowds was a moving testament to a ground-breaking and hugely effective demonstration. Uncaged founder Angela Roberts comments:

"I spent a lot of time on the march watching the reaction of the public and it was amazing. The film was very moving and had some very stark images and clips in it. Even though I was the one who put it together and had been looking at it for the past the month, I was moved to tears when I watched it go by on the huge screen, it was so powerful. I saw people stop and stare, some walked along reading the messages, others covered their mouth or eyes in horror - it was impossible to miss with the music playing too."

Uncaged has been inundated with positive feedback about the Candlelit Procession for Animal Rights. Leni from Belgium summed up the mood with this message:

"I want to congratulate Uncaged for the magnificent demonstration you organised yesterday. I travelled all the way from Belgium to attend the procession and I'm very glad to have been part of it.

"It was very warming to see so many animal rights activists gathered together in London and to hear messages from groups in Brazil, Argentina, South-Africa and Tasmania. I think your wonderful initiative surely gave activists an extra motivation to continue to struggle for animal rights. It also showed the audience that many people are willing to speak up for the animals and that this is more necessary today than ever before. The video you showed on the big screen clearly exposed the hidden animal suffering inside the meat, fur, entertainment and animal research industry. Their suffering should no longer be silenced, their pain no longer ignored."

In addition to the London Procession, scores of inspiring events took place across the world to honour IARD - we will report on these in the coming days.

One of the aims of IARD is to improve the status of animals in Government policy-making which profoundly affects the welfare and rights of millions of animals. To promote this aim and build on the momentum of the Procession, Uncaged is asking everyone in the UK with a concern for animal protection to lobby their MP to sign Early Day Motion 480, entitled 'Animal Protection Policy'.

Finally, we'd like to express our profound gratitude to everyone who helped and supported the Procession and International Animal Rights Day.

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Uncaged Campaigns 12.12.07


Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.