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Supreme Cat Show

For the fourth year running since our initial expose of IAMS/Eukanuba's and Procter & Gamble's (P&G) cruel animal testing, Uncaged Campaigns had a stand at the Supreme Cat Show at the NEC in Birmingham (the cat equivalent of Crufts).

As usual we were soon swamped by visitors to our stand, which contained information leaflets about IAMS/Eukanuba (who have a massive stand at the Show), petitions calling on the GCCF to take an ethical stand against the company. A TV showing the video of PETA's undercover exposes really caught people's attention!

The effect of our campaign against IAMS' animal testing soon became apparent as dozens of people informed us how they'd stopped using IAMS/Eukanuba, and also told their friends, family, customers, and fellow club members to boycott the brand. The absence of people walking around with IAMS/Eukanuba promotional bags was quite striking, as was the large amount of Arden Grange (who don't test on animals) promo bags.


Write to the GCCF to urge them to take a stand against the cruel practices of IAMS/Eukanuba and P&G:

Jackie Geeson,
Governing Council of the Cat Fancy,
4 - 6 Penel Orlieu,
Somerset TA6 3PG, UK.
Email: info@gccfcats.org

If you get a reply, use the IAMS pages of our website to formulate your response or forward your correspondance to info@uncaged.co.uk

More IAMS Cat Cruelty

Despite the fact that there was absolutely no mention of any 'Research Policy' by IAMS/Eukanuba until after our initial exposé in May 2001, IAMS is now claiming that it formulated a policy not to kill cats or dogs in March 1999 (when it was acquired by animal-testing consumer products company Procter & Gamble).

This policy - if it exists at all - does not apply to animals other than cats and dogs. However, documents from the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) regarding IAMS-funded research conducted by Dr. Roger B. Johnson shows once again that IAMS caused animals to die in experiments after supposedly instituting this no-kill policy!

In a letter sent from the chair of UMMC's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) to Dr. Johnson, the chair notes that Dr. Johnson's experiment (entitled "Effects of diet on the initiation of gingivitis") "is assigned protocol number 0801 with an approval date of November 16, 1999." Since Dr. Johnson had to have IACUC approval before proceeding with his experiment, his project could not have started before November 16, 1999. In fact, according to Dr. Johnson's "Animal Activity Protocol" for this experiment, the anticipated starting date for the study was December 1, 1999. In item number 19 of Dr. Johnson's "Animal Activity Protocol," he stated, "At the end of the experiments, animals will be euthanized." In item 22 of the same document, Dr. Johnson again states, "Animals will be euthanized at the end of the test period."

As if this isn't troubling enough, IAMS lied again with regard to an experiment it funded which ran from 1st June 1999 to 30th May 2001, at the University of Kentucky, entitled, "Lipid Metabolism in Feline Hepatic Lipidosis (FHL): Impact of Taurine and Carnitine." In publicly available documents obtained from the University of Kentucky, Dr. Geza Bruckner - the primary investigator for this project - states in his "Research Project Proposal" that the cats used in the experiment would be "fed a high caloric diet low in LPUFAs [long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids] and deficient in taurine and marginal in choline and methionine until they gained at least 30% above their lean bodyweights, thus minimizing stores of these nutrients."

He goes on to note that such a diet would "rapidly precipitate the development of FHL [feline hepatic lipidosis]," a condition for which "[t]he mortality rate in cats even with aggressive nutrition therapy approximates 40% and approaches 90% in untreated cats."

IAMS had nearly three months - from the time its 1999 'policy' supposedly went into effect to the time that this experiment started - to insist that Dr. Bruckner either change the protocol to comply with IAMS' new 'policy' or risk losing IAMS' funding altogether. Instead, IAMS allowed this experiment to continue without any change, knowing full well that death was likely to occur for cats with induced FHL!

According to the university's records, four cats died during this IAMS experiment:

  • Cat number 4785 was "[f]ound dead" on August 23, 2000.
  • Cat number 4790 was euthanized on August 10, 2000, "because of [a] grossly large spleen."
  • Cat number 4799 died on August 15, 2000, after which a "necropsy revealed diseased kidneys."
  • Cat number 4787 was euthanized on June 20, 2000, "because of indications [of] renal disease (high creatinine)."

More on this story: www.iamscruelty.com


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Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.