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International Animal Rights Day

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7th International Animal Rights Day (IARD)
10th December 2004


IARD vigil in SheffieldOn and around Friday 10 December 2004 - the 7th International Animal Rights Day organised by Uncaged - animal campaigners in all corners of the UK and across the world gathered for candlelit vigils and protests at places where the rights of animals are abused. This was the most successful ever International Animal Rights Day, spreading a positive message about the need for a new attitude of respect and tolerance towards the other animals with whom we share this planet.

England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland

International Animal Rights Day (IARD) is growing into a major day of action. There were over 40 separate events in the UK, including vigils at the following sites where animal experiments take place: Harlan UK (Leicestershire), Pfizer Pharmaceuticals (Ramsgate, Kent), National Institute for Medical Research (London), and Cambridge, Southampton and Leeds Universities. There were also vigils at: battery farms in Cornwall and Tanworth in Arden (West Midlands); at Walthamstow (London) and Coventry (West Midlands) greyhound tracks; at butchers; and the shops of charities that fund vivisection (Kent).

In addition there were many campaign stalls in town centres and High Streets in order to allow the public to sign up to the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights and to receive information about what being 'for animal rights' really means: public debate and passionate, intelligent opposition to cruel practices such as those at vivisection laboratories. Not a question of putting animals before humans, but a rational philosophy that leads one to respect all life.

There was also a large vigil at the Home Office, 50 Queen Anne's Gate, London SW1H 9AT. The Home Office quite literally signs the death warrants for millions of animals killed in animal experiments every year, and has come under intense pressure to come clean about the corrupt way it licenses and 'regulates' animal experiments after Uncaged's devastating Diaries of Despair exposé. (There are regular protests at the Home Office on the last Friday of every month - call Svetlana on 0207 254 5350 for more details.)

Uncaged staged a large and striking vigil at the University of Sheffield, which also vivisects animals (see pictures top and below, click here for details of recent examples of Sheffield University vivisection). There was a great turnout from the University and local animal rights groups, and excellent support from the public - many of whom 'beeped against animal cruelty'. This protest and those across the UK attracted a great deal of interest from print, TV and radio media. Many Uncaged supporters also managed to get letters about the day of action printed in their regional newspapers.

IARD vigil outside the University of Sheffield
Campaigning outside the University of Sheffield.


There were over a dozen non-UK countries participating in this year's International Animal Rights Day, including: the Netherlands, France, the Republic of Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Russia, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, Australia, the USA and Italy.

Our friends at International Campaigns, France, co-ordinated a string of vigils and campaign stalls in Paris, Nice and Lille, on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th December, against the country's fur, vivisection and meat industries. For the second year running Een DIER Een VRIEND (EDEV) organised a large 230-person IARD protest in the Netherlands. There was a 7km march through the town of Delft, and vigils at the BPRC and TNO vivisection sites in Rijswijk.

More details and photos from these and other vigils, and protests will appear on this page shortly.

For news and pics of various events that took place on International Animal Rights Day 2004 in the West Midlands of England, click here.

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Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.