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International Animal Rights Day

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IARD in Chile


"I am fully supporting the march on Sunday 9 December in London to bring the day closer when animals will no longer be 'used' in research of any kind. It is time. It is time for a full re-evaluation of our role on this planet.

"As a scientist, there is no proof available that we are more important than the rest of the sentient creatures on this planet. As a human being ... in my heart, I know that the terrible indignities and pain suffered by these pitiful animals are unjustifiable in humanitarian terms."

- Queen guitarist and Dr. of astrophysics, Brian May, on his website.

IARD in Madrid


English and foreign language leaflets for International Animal Rights Day are now downloadable here.

10th International Animal Rights Day (iard)
10th december 2007

IARD has grown year on year, with 2007 inspiring a fantastic number and range of exciting events worldwide - at Uncaged we're proud to have been the catalyst for such an incredible series of imaginative protests, demos and educational actions.

Many groups and individual campaigners downloaded campaign materials in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch and Slovenian at: www.uncaged.co.uk/iard

Uncaged staged the first large animal rights protest seen in London for years (the previous one being our own Diaries of Despair marches in 2001 and 2002). Over 400 people turned to hear speeches, a presentation on the giant TV, and a peaceful candlelit procession through Central London.

On Monday 10th December, and on the Saturday or Sunday before, there were dozens of smaller events around the UK - vigils, protests and campaign stalls, including events in: Wimborne (Dorset), Plymouth, Taunton, Salisbury, Carmarthen, Woking, West Wickham (Kent), Ipswich, Huntingdon, Harlan (Loughborough), Wolverhampton, Hanley, Leeds, York, N. Wales, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth and Dundee.

This scene was replicated in cities across France and Italy - with actions co-ordinated by our friends at International Campaigns and Agireora, respectively.

There were also very well attended and colourful marches and candlelit processions through the cities of Sao Paolo in Brazil (click here for a video), Madrid in Spain, and Santiago in Chile. Campaigners in Moscow held an exhibition and animal rights awards ceremony; whilst there was a concert for animals' rights in Mexico; and the first ever walk for animals' rights was held in Lagos, Nigeria after the International Vegetarian Union congress there.

There were several events in cities across the USA, Canada (& here), Brazil, and South Africa; and protests & vigils in: Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria (for the first time), Argentina, Australia and New Zealand.

For the first time in its history, the Knesset (the Israeli Parliament) celebrated IARD! The Knesset Education and Science Committees jointly debated the issue of vivisection of monkeys at the Weizmann Institute of Science, and supervision over animal experimentation in Israel. The debate stood at the centre of the IARD events in Israel and was followed by a protest by Let Animals Live, who also addressed the committees. Knesset members from all the factions signed an Animal Rights Declaration, and several parliamentarians addressed the Knesset plenum regarding the issues at stake. The two subjects are to be inspected, and discussed at a joint sub-committee of the Science and Education committees.

Here at Uncaged we're always striving to reach new levels with our dedicated work and with this campaign we've certainly done that. IARD is the only campaign focussed on the fundamental issue of Animal Rights - and the fact that it's a global campaign means that the project is not only unique - it's historic! National media in several countries carried an animal rights story, reaching millions of people with our compassionate crusade.

Many thanks to everyone around the world who has helped promote and co-ordinate this day of action!


Dozens of monkeys destined for experiments in South America arrive in an English sanctuary just 6 weeks after a successful IARD protest to close the laboratory in which they were imprisoned. Click here to read all about it.

Click here for the IARD photo album


Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.