Please use the Dept. of Health email 'Feedback' form to register your comments about xenotransplantation. Below is a message we suggest you copy and paste.

Dear Secretary of State,

I wish to register my opposition to xenotransplantation on both medical and ethical grounds.  Xenotransplantation brings with it the danger of virus transmission into the human population, and is of completely unproven effectiveness.

Furthermore, using sentient animals as spare parts factories is exploitative and totally immoral.

Instead, alternative approaches to remedy the shortfall in human organs must be developed and measures taken to prevent disease.

I am also concerned that the Government is ignoring widespread, deep public opposition to this practice (In a recent poll 79 percent of people said pig-to-human transplants should not be allowed).

I urge you to prohibit xenotransplantation.

Yours faithfully,